Wijchen Castle

After an extensive renovation, the 17th-century Wijchen Castle is again open to the public. The large gate closes the horseshoe-shaped castle, creating an enclosed courtyard. One of the unique aspects of the renovation is the all-glass roof that has been placed to turn the courtyard into a reception area. Visitors are received here for, among other things, the museum and the council chamber of the municipality of Wijchen, which are located in the castle. LightTwist has illuminated both this courtyard and the entire exterior of the Castle with fixtures from the Revo series. This makes the castle a remarkable landmark, even after the sun has set.

The Revo series is a very durable solution. This is due to the high build quality and uncompromising component choices, and modular construction. This makes it possible to easily upgrade or replace individual parts in the fixtures in the future.

Used fixturesRevo Basic
Project byLightTwist
Project forGemeente Wijchen

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