The Wall

The Wall, owned by Lips Capital Group, is a XL stores shopping center (65 000m2) in Utrecht facing the A2 highway. The architecture of The Wall is striking. The length of 800 meters impresses visitors and passers-by. Both the shop and the highway side of the building is striking in shape and colour.

The Wall combines two functions. It is a noise barrier and a building in one. This makes the building unique in its kind. This innovative design of Fons Verheijen of VVKH architects won the MDG Architecture 2010/2011 award.

CLS was asked to create a lighting plan for this unique complex, which emphasizes the appearance of the building. Since many parties were involved in this plan (including architects, businessmen and the city of Utrecht), this was no easy task. Also the Road safety was also an important issue.

To light the front of the building the CLS Pixelbar 36 GII RGB with prismatic front cover was chosen. A total of 21 units of this fixture illuminates the wall of 40m. x 11m. The Pixelbars are controlled by Martin LightJockey. A slow and fluent colourchanging sequence was programmed, so that drivers on the highway would not be too much distracted. Nevertheless, passing the Wall is an impressive experience for drivers.

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