Jade Zoom Tunable White

22 Watt Zoom fixture with extremely good colour rendition and a remarkably large zoom range

Extremely good colour display
CRI≈97 on all colour points between 2700K and 6500K
R9≈95 on all colour points between 2700K and 6500K

CLS Performance Zoom
Zoom range of 11° to 60°! The zoom range is not just a theoretical value, but a value that has accurately been measured in our very own LM79 lab.

Unmatched uniform light quality
A very advanced optical system ensures an unmatched uniform light image.

Large choice in dimming methods
DMX, Casambi Bluetooth & Wireless DMX.
You can set the desired colour temperature in a very easy and quick manner.
For the Casambi bluetooth control system, you can connect various sensor systems for an optimal collection management. This enables you to create a type of illumination that is only active when visitors are present.

Large choice of accessories
The Jade Zoom product line offers many accessories to create the perfect light setting for every purpose.
Oval beam filters, stackable snoot, honeycomb and barndoor accessories can be mounted easily and quickly.

Multiple mounting options
Track mounting with choice in both Global or Eutrac rail adapters.
Ceiling mounting through rosette. (Jade C Zoom)
Ceiling mounting by means of a threaded end. (Jade B Zoom)

Fixture configurator

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