Jade Zoom Tunable White

Jade Zoom Tunable White is a powerful and versatile zoom fixture with excellent colour rendition and a large zoom range. It is perfect for a variety of applications where uniform light quality and precise control are desired. With its wide range of dimming methods and accessories, it offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

  • 1000 lumen
  • Max. 22 Watt
  • CRI >98

> Information

22 watt Zoom fixture with excellent colour rendition and a remarkably large zoom range

Excellent colour display

The Jade Zoom is available with a spectacular Tunable White light sources that offer a control range from 1800K-4000K or 2700K-6500K with a CRI of >98 and a R9 value of >95 on all colour points!

CLS Performance Zoom

The Jade Zoom Tunable White offers a remarkably large effective zoom range of no less than 11° to 60°! The zoom range is not just a theoretical value, but a value that has accurately been measured in our very own LM79 lab. With such a narrow beam angle in this type of fixture. Lighting designers worldwide now see a regularly recurring restriction in their designs finally lifted.

Unmatched uniform light quality

A very advanced optical system ensures an unmatched uniform light image.

Large choice in dimming methods

You can set the desired colour temperature in a very easy and quick manner via (Wireless) DMX and Casambi. Smart control offers the possibility of true human centric lighting, by adapting the light intensity and colour to the time of day, season, or even weather.

Large choice of accessories

The Jade Zoom product line offers many accessories to create the perfect light setting for every purpose. For example; Oval beam filters, stackable snoots, honeycombs and barndoors can be mounted easily and quickly.

Multiple mounting options

Track mounting with choice in both Global or Eutrac rail adapters.
Ceiling mounting by means of a threaded end. (Jade B Zoom)


Number of DMX channels needed
LED colour 1 2 3 4
Single colour
Tunable White
To read more about DMX, click here

Downloads and accessories

Led colours



11°- 60°

Control methods



> Specifications

TypeJade Zoom Tunable White, 22 watt Track Zoom spot
ColourBlack, white or gray
MaterialAnodized or coated aluminium & PC/ABS V0
Weight952 gram
Swivel340° horizontal | 350° vertical

Optics11°- 60°
Light sourceBridgelux
Light output1000 lumen
LED colours1800K-4000K | 2700K-6500K

Power consumptionMax. 22 Watt
Power supply180~264 VAC
DriverDriver included | Driver internal
DimmingCasambi | DMX512 | Wireless DMX
ConnectionTrack adapter, Global or Eutrac

IP ratingIP 20
Protection class1

Lifetimeup to 50.000
LB ValueL90B10 at 50.000h
Warranty5 years

AccessoriesRail products. Customizable snoot. Rotatable barndoor, beam shapers & honeycomb louvre
RemarksThe beam angle is adjusted easily from the backside of the fixture. So, one never has their hands in front of the light beam.
Jade Zoom Tunable White track lighting fixture in black and white